what’s wrong with my accounts not communicating past twits

Me (4:33 PM):
Power of the present
There is no time
Ask me when
I say now
Me (10:15 AM):
Tsunamii coming and I can’t reach my kids
Me (10:37 AM):
Tsunamii warning signal in blaring in the distance
Me (10:51 AM):
The phones are all jammed the internet is down
The birds are chirping wildly
Id sure like to here from my kids
Wow how things change overnight
Me (11:48 AM):
Pahoa seems calm
Gas check no line
Plenty groceries at the store
Got ice …they still had some
Police r gathered n central location
Me (12:11 PM):
I’ve got my first aid kit
My dog, my maul, my blankets in the car
And I’ve driven down pohoiki rd to where it is blocked
Me (12:13 PM):
The radio people are very excited there have been 3 surges so far…people are wondering if its done
Me (1:12 PM):
They have not called it yet but the overall feeling here is : its all good or all clear
Me (1:18 PM):
And I finally got word my kiddies r safe. Good practice 4 bein prepared. My weak spot is comunication w my kids other than that im prepared
Me (3:49 PM):
So I’ve had n amazing last week, month it keeps gettin bettr. I only have time to post the boring stuff then minus the highly confidential

Mike Hale
808 936 6347

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