Flowers in the rain (at my home)

In Pahoa we love the flowers and we love the rain . I think our slogan should be Pahoa " get wet"

Mike Hale
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Resturants of Pahoa 2

Ning’s Thia Cuisine

Paulo’s Bistro

Pahoa Village Cafe

Pahoa’s 1st annual Green and White Day

celebrated with a parade honoring the

 Pahoa High School Daggers Basketball Champions

Featured in this Parade video is all the team members and coaches as well as some of our government officials

Including Mayor Kenoi and Councilwoman Emily Naeole

Restaurants Of Pahoa Videos


Pahoa Fish and Chips

Malama Market

Mighty Sushi

Stores Of Pahoa Video

visit for more info on Pahoa

Pahoa Feed And Fert

Pahoa Puna Buy and Sell

Lola Sexy Bowtiki

Take a Break Consignment

Jungle Love

Invite: Board of Directors meeting Fri Apr 2nd, 1:30-3:30pm

Friends of Puna’s Future <>
Subject: Invite: Board of Directors meeting Fri Apr 2nd, 1:30-3:30pm
Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2010, 1:17 PM

Aloha BoDs and Friends of Puna’s Future supporters,

The next Board of Directors meeting is Fri Apr 2nd, 1:30-3:30pm.

The tentative location is in Pahoa, to be confirmed with agenda on March 26th.

If you wish to attend, or have agenda feedback, your reply is welcome.

* Amendments SubComm w/ recommendation to Planning Director status report
* SUP testimony policy proposals
* FoPF Elections
* J Yoshimoto’s Bill 194
* New email address w/domain strategy & blog addition to FoPF site
* Treasurer’s report

I regret any inconvenience due to our postponed BoD meeting Fri Mar 12th, and thank all for cooperation to reschedule!

[The entire original message is not included]

Sirius Coffee in Pahoa

Previously my non competition : now the only place in Pahoa for coffee and internet

Mike Hale
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Island Valley Delights

Jams jelly mamaki  Breads and more made Fresh in Pahoa 808 937 7637

Mike Hale
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Big Island Trash video plan Comments / improvements are welcome

Big Island Trash

Video Plan Package
In Coalition With And
As well as
Directed & Produced by Michael Hale & David Lakota
808 936 6347 or 808 854 5841

1- Presentation


Who?: Big Island School staff and students / directed by Michael Hale, produced by David Lakota / industry professionals: Paul Buklarewicz / Ryan K.’s Rubbish and Roll-off Services /  Hawaii Business Services / N.O.A.A.

Sponsors: Puna Geo-thermal / KTA / Star Bucks / AT&T / Manufacturers of  new garbage processing technology

What?- documentary about garbage including present and long-term solutions / interviews with industry professionals, businesses, government, and local citizens

Why?- conservation of paradise and to solve garbage crisis / having fun doing, being of service something important- ecological stewardship- reducing waste and reusing or recycling natural resources / implementing immediate and long-term

Where- Big Island (Island-wide) TV, Cable, DVD / Internet / one-on-one presentations

When?- Feb. 23 to April 15th

How?- daily and weekly R&D, interviews, filming of landfill, recycling projects, garbage in the streets, working solutions, editing, uploads, and authoring to DVD.

How Much? 2-10 hrs per day for six weeks / $30-$50K

2- Budget– $30-$50k

3- Cover Letter– sent out to key people who have enthusiasm for this project including the ten or more directly involved: Jaya, Valeria, Marshall, Michael, Tassa, Roger Kay, Shanna, Wiatt, Susan, others in the network.

. Last update Starbucks and Business Services Hawaii Move to save the plastic for the Planet Pilot Program for Hilo hope to expand for all Hawaii 3 min video sampling of the 10 min piece Ryan

Fundraising Cover Letter any comments / improvements are welcome

March 13, 2010

Big Island School
13-3385 Hookupu St
Pahoa, Hawaii 96778
(808) 854-5841 (808) 936-6347

Dear _____________,

This letter is a request for your assistance regarding the Big Island School, a local non-profit organization dedicated to Sustainable Living and Renewable Technology, which is producing a documentary video about the garbage situation on the Island. The proposed budget is $30,000 to $50,000. This Video is intended to be distributed and broadcast via network television, cable TV, throughout the Island’s school system, and on DVD.(See budget attached: )
The finished presentation is intended to be a high-quality, professional, educational video about the present challenges and future solutions facing the garbage crisis on our Island.
The primary purpose of this project is to explore, document and implement viable solutions that will work now and in the future. This film is intended to be shocking in terms of what is happening and serve as a call for action to address the growing crisis.
This half-hour presentation will be shown in classrooms throughout the Island as well as delivered to key decision-makers in government and industry. It will also appear on Island-wide television and on Public Access. Highlights and out-takes will be posted to YouTube and other websites daily and weekly.
Presently we have four video segments online with several others in the process. From these video segments, we are extrapolating the best information and visuals for the final half-hour classroom presentations. The last step of the production process is a multi-chapter DVD showcasing the best of all that we have documented.
The process we have initiated and the video segments produced have already had beneficial effects beyond our expectations. For example, we discovered that 80% of all the cans and bottles consumed on Big Island are being recycled. informed us that they diverted more than 400 tons of electronic waste from the landfill in just one year (2009) alone.  We have also facilitated a major change in the Starbucks Company policy.  Hilo will serve as a pilot program to recycle the plastics for both Starbuck locations in Hilo town. If this venture is successful it will be implemented on a larger scale.
Please consider assisting us with this project for the benefit of the ecology of the Island and the education of its people. All donations are 100% tax-deductible and all proceeds are going to this project.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


David Lakota                                            Michael Hale
Director                                                     Director of Operations

Creators, Big Island Garbage video
(808) 854-5841    (808) 936-6347