Blue jade flower vine grows wild at my house its in full bloom right now

This flower makes wonderful easy to make leis
Even I can make one

Mike Hale
808 936 6347


5 Responses

  1. hello
    I’ve beeen looking for this plant.
    can you sell seed or a plant?

    • Cuttings dont work . So ive been told and it doesnt seed very often, but, i hav seen some seeds before…ill watch for the next seed pod and get it for you.
      Ill need your contact info and find out a price. Are you on Hawaii Island, if not ill have to check export and Ag stamp rules on it

      • Not sure if you check this anymore, but I am looking for some blue jade for a wedding this septepmber 9th. Any chance u might have? And if so, can you send to Oahu?

  2. Aloha my name is Jenney and I am inquiring if you still have blue jade available. I amriding in the aloha festivals parade saturday september 18th and would really be interested in getting blue jade for my unit. I also left a message on your cell phone. Please notify me as soon as you are able. Mahalo and have a great day.

    Jenney De Silva

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