Mad Rush for .co Domains Imminent

With all the URL shortening going on.  These are going to go fast!
Get yours thru me on my site affordable and great service from a person.
I can also provide all levels of  design and promotion for your site

This is a great Domain opportunity
use it wisely
New Domains
New Domain Offering: .CO Pre-Registration. Next week, we’ll open pre-registration for .CO. Since “CO” is widely understood around the world as an abbreviation for “Company,” “Corporation” and “Commerce”, this exciting new domain is being called one of the most recognizable global domains to come along in years.

Here’s how pre-registration will work: You will enter their desired name and we’ll check it against existing .CO registrations, as well as our pre-registration list. If their domain is available, we’ll add it to our waiting list at the standard price. The minute that General Availability opens, we’ll submit the request and fulfill any domains we’re able to obtain.
Reserve here

If we are able to secure the domain, it will appear in your customer’s account on or after July 20, 2010. If someone else happens to beat us to that domain, you will be refunded. Please watch the Reseller Control Center for more details.


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