Big Island Trash video plan Comments / improvements are welcome

Big Island Trash

Video Plan Package
In Coalition With And
As well as
Directed & Produced by Michael Hale & David Lakota
808 936 6347 or 808 854 5841

1- Presentation


Who?: Big Island School staff and students / directed by Michael Hale, produced by David Lakota / industry professionals: Paul Buklarewicz / Ryan K.’s Rubbish and Roll-off Services /  Hawaii Business Services / N.O.A.A.

Sponsors: Puna Geo-thermal / KTA / Star Bucks / AT&T / Manufacturers of  new garbage processing technology

What?- documentary about garbage including present and long-term solutions / interviews with industry professionals, businesses, government, and local citizens

Why?- conservation of paradise and to solve garbage crisis / having fun doing, being of service something important- ecological stewardship- reducing waste and reusing or recycling natural resources / implementing immediate and long-term

Where- Big Island (Island-wide) TV, Cable, DVD / Internet / one-on-one presentations

When?- Feb. 23 to April 15th

How?- daily and weekly R&D, interviews, filming of landfill, recycling projects, garbage in the streets, working solutions, editing, uploads, and authoring to DVD.

How Much? 2-10 hrs per day for six weeks / $30-$50K

2- Budget– $30-$50k

3- Cover Letter– sent out to key people who have enthusiasm for this project including the ten or more directly involved: Jaya, Valeria, Marshall, Michael, Tassa, Roger Kay, Shanna, Wiatt, Susan, others in the network.

. Last update Starbucks and Business Services Hawaii Move to save the plastic for the Planet Pilot Program for Hilo hope to expand for all Hawaii 3 min video sampling of the 10 min piece Ryan

One Response

  1. Good job Mike.

    Needs fine-tuning for professional presentation, but excellent base. Has the feel of legitimacy, integrity and enthusiasm.

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