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Press release to publish .Mahalo. Star


For further information contact: Star Newland

planetpuna; 896 8658.

Celebrate ‘May Gentle Birth Month and Mother’s Day Gentle Birth Day’ in Pahoa

Mothers Day Event

Mainstreet Pahoa is taking the lead in hosting a complimentary Mother’s Day luncheon

and fun day event at the Pahoa Neighborhood Center, on Mother’s Day, May 9, between

11 and 3pm. for our deserving moms and mom’s -to-be in our community.

Joining together with the Domestic Harmony Awareness Initiative and sponsored in part

by a grant from the East Hawaii Local Area Consortium (working together to improve

health outcomes and advance the health of all women with special outreach to Native

Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, Hispanics, Filipinos and teens), along with other local

Pahoa businesses, the celebration will include a ‘Short & Sweet Spa’ for a bit of

pampering, clothing exchange (bring your ladies clothes only please to share and swap),

‘Dress up and photo op’ for pictures in costume or fun play clothes, arts corner for keiki

to keep them engaged while moms make candy roses and other art activities.

There will be information and people on hand from the East Hawaii LAC on child and

maternal healthcare and the Domestic Harmony Awareness Initiative about the

relationship between Gentle Birth and Domestic Harmony.

Live music will be provided by Earl and Bryan and others.

Mainstreet Pahoa Board President Madie Green says ‘When we encourage the

involvement of the community through efforts such as this it sends the message to our

moms that you matter, and we care. We recognize that the amount of support and help

we give contributes to their and their children’s well being. Providing extra care and

support for women in our community who are expecting children as well single mothers

in general makes for better outcomes for all.

The Mayor’s proclamation for ‘May Gentle Birth Month and Mother’s Day Gentle Birth

Day’ will be read as we celebrate birth and mothers.

Please call Star Newland at 896 8658 or Madie Green at 965 7296 or Ophelia at 990

0234 for further information or go to

Bee Mo Bettah Honey sells at the Pahoa Downtown. Farmers Market 808 965 0000

Mike Hale
808 936 6347

Take A Break Consignment Shop

Take A Break Consignment Shop


New Additions

Near the end of Pahoa Village Road

Behind Lolas Bowtiki across from Kaleos

15-2958 Pahoa Village Road

The Barn, Pahoa, HI 96778       808-345-8175      

Pahoa Interactive Virtual Tour

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Time change for pahoa Mothers Day Event

We secured the Rec Ctr but need to change the time from 12-4 to 11-3

With warm Aloha,

Mothers Day Event may 9

Mothers Day Event may 9th from 12 noon to 4pm at the Pahoa Community Center
Dress up bring your props or use ours provided
Photo shoot " Photo op for Mom "
Mothers Day card creation table for kids to do something nice for "Moms Day card"
You tube 30 sec shout out to mom on mothers Day "video for mom"
Clothing rack exchange and free give away for moms "new outfit for mom"
Candy chocolate rose craft kit "flowers for moms "
Spaghetti w cheesy bread and a tossed salad dessert "Mothers Day dinner"
Short "spa for Mom" pamper corner
Live Music for Mom

Brought to you by
Main Street Pahoa Association
East Hawaii Birth consortium &
Domestic Harmony Awareness Initiative

Website Cash Crash Course

Website Cash Crash Course

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Action Meeting today at 12 at the pizza parlor in Pahoa

MSPA subcommitee for mothers day event

Action Meeting today at 12 at the pizza parlor in Pahoa

Planning for mothersday event (dinner or pictures)  hurry over

sorry for the short notice I just got the info

What happened today with FTR

From: Friends of Puna’s Future
Sent: Monday, April 19, 2010 7:20 PM
Subject: What happened today with FTR

Aloha FoPF Members!

Todays effort by Dominic Yagong to move our Fuel Tax Revenue proposal was an uphill effort. We all owe Dominic a vote of thanks for his work. And hes not done yet. We had a good slate of verbal testimony in the Hilo Chambers today. Thank you to all those who took the time to appear in person and/or send in written testimony. We will need to do this again – and more than once.

I have never thought this effort would be a slam dunk or walk in the park. In today’s Finance Committee Resolution 321-10 was about to lose on a 5-4 vote when Dominic tabled the motion for a two week delay. The council members we expected to be generally opposed to any progressive proposals did not disappoint. Ikeda and Onishi, with extremely weak logic, can be depended to defend the inequities in CoH finance.

The council members whose districts are most directly affected – Yoshimoto, Enrigues and Naeole-Beason are the ones who gave us some hope. Of these three Emily Naeole-Beason expressed support for the Reso even though FoPF, a group she is not fond of, is involved.

Yoshimoto did his normal say as little as possible. I believe he sees the legal logic of the FTR proposal and knows we

[The entire original message is not included]