MSPA notes 4 13 2010



Notes from mike(not the secretary) update to come


Chris Scherr

Marie Hayden

Michael Hysom

Olivia Cockenroft

Micheal Hale

Garen Kupahu

Jon Olson

Star Newland

Madie Green

Ophelia Kennedy

Past minutes were not available for approval

Old Business:

These are the proposed Events for the year for MSPA has discussed sponsoring

(if you are interested in Helping with any of these plese contact us)

Jan Pahoa Idol?

Feb fundraiser for computers for the community center PRIORITY

March 2nd annual Green and white PRIORITY

Youth jam

April Prank or Easter Health

May mother’s day Mothers day Meal out birthing month may 23 grad night Planned

Star & Olivia

June Fathers Pool Bash games food music Book Giveaway PRIORITY

Remote control boat

July 4 decorate town

Aug surf night

Sep labor day  national women health month

Oct Haunted house associate with ken at the community center an have downtown  merchants giv out candy 5-9  PRIORITY

Nov Domestic Harmony Planned

Dec Annual Xmas Holiday Parade PRIORITY

Epa region 9

Skylark Hawaii island economic development board

Lovey 333-5543 instead  for donations with Big Island School

May Town hall meeting to address crime invite police and chief again HPD to set day and time 4/20 in volcano police chief and 9 commanders will be there to be available for ??

2nd Tuesday of the month is every MSPA meeting


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