Website Cash Crash Course

Website Cash Crash Course

In Pahoa On Sat at 10  special pricing $300

call 808 936 6347

Three Hour internet building Blitz session:
By the end of the class you will have your own website that you can edit and develop
with all of these features, if you choose:
Pictures, videos, text, key words, pages, blog,  pay-pal, e-storefront, domain name, server space
not to mention you will be empowered to do it your self.
The prerequisites are basic computer  knowledge including cut/paste and filling out online forms as well as your own concept of what you want to tell the world about.
We suggest (not required) you bring your own computer and camera.  Location must have high speed internet.
Please bring to class any documents and pictures in digital form to make your site building the most efficient possible. Pictures and video can be taken on site but we will be limited by time (PC or Mac).
$495  special this class $ 300

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