Free Puna reversable Buttons Limited Edition

These are magic reversable buttons that say Puna upside right and right side down.
Very limited run.
The puna design is by the very talented artist Brittany Hale and photos are from puna by Mike and the button design by Michael Hale. Vote PunA Business Education Environment
To get your free button you must be a registered voter in state senate district 2
Please visit To find out more
Call text tweet email or see me in reality for your free button!
Mike Hale
808 936 6347

What the hell is going on and why wasnt i invited …in Pahoa

Video fail to attach

Here it is

Yes Bon Dance

very cool

Mike Hale
808 936 6347

Sometimes the political process makes me laugh

What to do to get people informed
Billboard your face on the side of the road

Mike Hale
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Line down for a moment at the top of leilani

Police officer tested it and then pulled it down
I dont think your supposed todo that but im glad i could get thru and home afrter placing recycle bins in downtown pahoa

Mike Hale
808 936 6347

Accidents in puna another at Makuu wheres our round abouts

Mike Hale
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Hawaii Classic Car Club stops in Pahoa from Honolulu

Mike Hale
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Attn those that care

This kid says “you want herb for smoke” on the stairs of the FHB bank between cash and carry
Whats your opinion…

Minor picture deleted …someone cared

2 lessons learned

dont ask anyone to buy on public streets/without a permit

me: next time send kid home to guardian or parent( i assumed he was over age)

apologies but i hope it helped in some way.