The Kau Desert next to Volcano National Park

A bear?
The Kau Desert in just past Volcano coming from Hilo . What surprised me besides the bear was the black sand.

Mike Hale
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Meeting at the community center this evening.

I met with Maddie inbetween testimony at the singer vs Malama O Puna debate
What Maddie mentioned
Police notified and paid for by weed and seed
Need to notify asap
County band
My notes on my own testimony re the issue.
Michael Hale im running for senate d 2
I wanna thank the Mayor Kenoi for pulling this meeting together
Why use a small amount?
Intrinsic that poisen is bad
Do you trust the chemical companys todo anything but sell chemicals for thier shareholders
Habitat new chemical
If we dont want them then manually remove them.
The king the mice and the cheese
Important parable about inducing new species
Going forward no chemicals and lets get the dead ones out.
Mike Hale
808 936 6347