Knowlege and experience are the key!

Some time ago there was this privately owned ship, it was owned by a multimillion dollar corporation headed by two men. While on a cruise the engine broke down, the two men in charge called upon mechanic after mechanic and they just could not fix the ships engine.
This old man dressed in ragged clothes and appeared to have missed a meal or two who professed to be a seafarer told the two educated very wealthy men in charge that he could fix the ships engine. They laughed and told the old man they had nothing to loose since the best of the best trained mechanics had failed. Sure they said somewhat doubtful you show us! Well the old man had this shabby but adequate tool bag, so he drug his tool bag aboard, down the hole to the engine room and engine. He looked at it said a few words to the engine, causing them to think he was totally bonkers, then took out a smallish hammer and tapped somewhere in the engine. The powerful engine kicked over immediately and the old man left and the ship went on its’ way. Several weeks later a bill arrived from the old man, it was for ten thousand dollars,The rich men in charge sent the bill back angrily and said all you did was hit the engine with a small hammer, knowing they could outsmart the old man they sent a message telling the old man to please provide an itemized bill of what he did and the cost of each thing he did.
After a few weeks the itemized bill arrived and two men ripped it open and it read, $2.00 for the hammer usage, $9998.00 for knowing where to tap the hammer!
Life works in a similar way, you can have al the tools in the world and have all the titles and education in the world, but having the knowlege of experience will overpower everytime! Don’t be afraid to try things even if we make a mistake, because we tend to learn more from the mistakes we make in life then by any other thing. If we never make a mistake we have never challenged ourselves completely!
Love and Respect,
Bishop DR Chuck Sanders, Colonel

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