Oct Message: Councilman Fred Blas

Aloha Everyone!! I want to start with a big Mahalo to Dean Au and the Hawai‘i
Carpenters Union volunteers for their work on the Pāhoa Senior Center renovations.
They will be continuing this work on weekends, weather permitting, until the project is

Mahalo to our Planning Director Bobby Jean Leithead-Todd for coming out and giving
a Power Point presentation on her proposed amendments to the General Plan that will
amend the Land Use Pattern Allocation Guide Map (LUPAG) for Pāhoa Town. The
amendments are necessary because current LUPAG designations for Pāhoa are not
consistent with the village center concept of creating higher density core urban areas
based on “smart growth” principals. The amendments will limit commercial and
industrial development on Highway 130 and the Pāhoa Bypass.

I received several calls about the Re-Use area at the transfer station from concerned
community members that appreciate the fact that it keeps usable items from the landfill.
The Department of Environmental Management is in discussions with appropriate groups
and agencies to manage the Re-Use site. I know this is an important program and will be
a valuable service at the Pāhoa transfer station.

I’m happy to report that Bill 87, reinstating the full 2% of real property taxes collected
to the Public Access, Open Space and Natural Resources Preservation Fund is on its way
to the ballot once again. The Bill was forwarded from the Finance Committee with a
favorable recommendation and now requires 3 readings at Council with at least 6 votes at
each reading to pass. Once passed by the Council the bill will be put on the ballot for the
2012 election.

The Council approved 2 Bills that I initiated for road improvements in Puna, I requested
the use of $450,000 of Geothermal Community Benefits funds for road improvements
to Kahakai Blvd., road and drainage improvements on Pāhoa Village road and
improvements to the section of Ka‘ohe Homestead road near the High School. This is a
matter of health and safety in our district and is much too important to wait.

I also had the opportunity to ride with Officer Finkey on a site tour of the district, one
of the things I learned is that our Police Station is lacking equipment it needs to increase
their efficiency and help keep them safe while working to protect us. I am in discussions
with Captain Jelsma and will be making a request for Geothermal Community Benefits
funds to purchase the necessary equipment. You may be aware of recent reports of
the decrease in crime rates out here so we really need to make sure our Police have the
equipment they need to continue their good work. Mahalo to all of our dedicated Police

A Hui Hou

October 2011


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