Pahoa YouTube Challenge Has Begun!

All Contests to follow:

Pahoa YouTube Challenge:

Attention This is the link you need to win

Pahoa Businesses YouTube Playlist

How to win: Just start viewing and commenting on all the videos on this playlist…THATS IT!


  1. One day Marketing Workshop and General Help
  2. One Upgraded Youtube hopefully “viral” Video (ideas for your store?)
  3. One Free Domain Name: .com
  4. One Sarong from Sri’s Handicraft
  5. One Large Pizza from Boogie Woogie Pizza
  6. 10 Video DVDs your choice out of 1000
  7. One Page Business feature on (Ongoing Prize)
  8. Three Hours Free internet/computer at Puna Java (Ongoing Prize)
  9. Access to Aloha Business Consulting Restricted Pages at (Ongoing Prize)
  10. One hr Focus on your Mission Statement (the 1st page of your business plan) (Ongoing Prize)
  11. 10X20 Outdoor promotional tarp Pahoa Auto Parts
  12. Home or Auto toolkit Pahoa Auto Parts
  13. One Day equiptment rental Pahoa Feed and Fert (Ongoing Prize)
  14. $20 Cert BlackRock Cafe
  15. $20 Cert BlackRock Cafe
  16. $25 Cert Island Naturals
  17. $25 Cert Stand Up Paddle Board Rental Jeff Hunt SurfBoards
  18. Additional prizes to come

Rules and Prizes are subject to change without notice.

Businesses win too!

Business rules:

Eligible Businesses are on the Punatic Cyber Cafe YouTube Channel Playlist Pahoa Village Shops:

Attention This is the link you need to win

Pahoa Businesses YouTube Playlist

First Prize: Most “likes” on youtube wins Choice of 3 of the prizes above in a month.

Second Prize: first to 1500 views choice of 3 remaining prizes above

1500 views Bonus: 7,8,9

10,000 views Bonus Prize #2

100,000 views Bonus Prize #1

The Purpose of this Contest is to promote Pahoa on the internet. Youtube is the 2nd largest search tool behind google and many times apears in a google search.

To win: view it, like it, link it to your website & Facebook it to your friends & Clients tell them it will help your business. Comments on the video will increase its search optimization. I recommend adding your hours of operation and what people can find in your store or resturant in the comments area. The prizes are also intended to help your business. Once you get to 10000 you will automatically get and upgraded video from Aloha Business Consulting

User Rules:

Your Friends , Clients and Customers can win too:

The viewers that have the most # of positive comments on these videos will win 1st pick of remaining prizes . Prizes are Donated by local businesses from the list above. Additional prizes will be added each month for a new winner each month! The first month of the contest we will have multiple winners. In the Following months every user who comments on every video in the this playlist will automatically win a prize.

Comments must make sense and help towards building content. Adding your positive expierience at or with this business is ideal.

Pahoa YouTube Challenge Poster

Additional Contests:

Free Window Washing Promotion

Subscribe and win Link


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