A message from Michael Hale

Dear PahoaOnline Post Website,
Michael needs your help with “Scholarship Wheels for Med Student (Britt Hale)”

Will you show your support?
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Michael says…
Brittany is the first in our family to be so close to a college degree and she plans to become a surgeon. I (dad) recently bought her a car for her California studies but within a week we totaled it going 20mph on icy roads. I would like to get her a vehicle so she can obtain employment while in California and in College.

She has an excellent GPA and has recieved scolarship moneys for her tuition. She will be a Jr. next semester. Currently she is enrolled in University of Hawaii and taking online classes here in CA.

I would like to keep this a surprise.

The Hale family greatly appreciates any help in Brittany`s goals of becoming a Dr.

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