September/October Pahoa Regional Town Center Plan Meetings and Pahoa Town Community Meeting

Aloha All,

Mahalo Nui to all the volunteers and to Larry Brown that attended yesterday’s Combined Working Groups meeting at the Pahoa Community Center! A special thanks to Barbara Leonard for taking on the extensive task of writing the narrative derived from the Pahoa Survey. We have such a great team of dedicated volunteers with such a broad base of skills being brought to the Pahoa Plan table. As we advance in the research and development of the Pahoa Plan, I believe we are all gaining a greater understanding of how the County planning process works and how our extensive research, involvement and recommendations are essential in developing the long-term plan for Pahoa Town.

As we discussed in great detail yesterday, following is the schedule of upcoming meetings. For those of you who have not attended the Combined Working Group meetings as of late, much progress is developing and your continued mana’o, involvement and attendance is welcomed and appreciated.

Ø The Pahoa Regional Town Center Steering Committee meets every Tuesday, 9 a.m., at Luquins. As always, anyone is invited to attend and participate in discussions.

Ø Pahoa Town Property Owner Questionnaire to be mailed by Wednesday, September 26th with a requested return date of October 10th for review by the Design District Working Group.

Ø Combined Working Group meeting on October 3rd, 2-4 p.m., at the Pahoa Community Center with expected representatives from the County Parks and Recreation Department and the Pahoa Regional Park consulting group.

Ø Combined Working Group meeting on October 17th, 2-4 p.m. at the Pahoa Community Center to review questionnaires and to plan for Pahoa Community Meeting presentation.

Ø Pahoa Town Community Meeting on October 23rd, 5:30 to 7:30 at the Pahoa Community Center to advise the progress and seek additional community input for the Pahoa Plan from the greater Pahoa community.

Ø A Committee was formed to research a template to assist in creating the Pahoa Regional Town Center Plan consisting of Kris Williams, LaRue Claros and Ginny Aste.

Again, Mahalo Nui to each of you for your participation and dedication in developing the Pahoa Regional Town Center Plan.

Gilbert Aguinaldo

Frank Commendador

Madie Greene

Mark Hinshaw, Chair

Jon Olson

Oshi Simsarian

Dan Taylor

Steering Committee

Pahoa Regional Town Center Plan

Puna Community Development Plan

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