Pahoa “Recycle” Center-URGENT-Must respond immediately.

Aloha Kakou,

I just received word from the County Planning Department that they are in receipt of the Plan Application for the new “Recycle” Center across from the Post Office and right next door to Bay Clinic. The Public is invited to send comments/complaints/objections, etc. to the Planning Department for their consideration.

Their existing use is in violation of the recently adopted Pahoa Design Guidelines and is quite offensive to nearby neighbors. Now is the time to speak up folks, within the next 2 days. Two days!!!!

Please send emails to Larry Nakayama. His email address is: Larry.Nakayama

The applicant originally stated that this was to be a HI 5 Redemption Center ONLY, but as many will attest, it is turning into a full on recycling center, right in the middle of Historic Pahoa Town. I remind all that Pahoa already has one of the best recycle centers in the County, at our existing rubbish dump. The company that is running the new facility lost the contract at the rubbish dump and has now set up shop in the middle of our town.

Your comments to Larry Nakayama are most helpful in determining IF they get Plan Approval.


Mark Hinshaw


Pahoa Regional Schools Booster Club, President

Pahoa Regional Town Center Plan Steering Committee, Chair

Mainstreet Pahoa Association, President

One Response

  1. I understand that a lot of FT “recyclers” don’t have vehicles, and I ALSO agree that a recycle center by the clinic and post office would be an eye sore and a cluster****, traffic wise..not to mention awfully smelly……SO: i suggest that the Recycle Center be put ON THE CORNER of ” DUMP ROAD” and MAIN STREET., wher ethe Helco temp field office is already established..lan is clear, and there is plenty of space !!

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