I just received this from Representative Joy SanBuenaventura….your voice matters in these very important bills regarding Insurance for lower Puna….

From Joy:

“I am told I’ve been confusing everyone about the bill numbers etc. I apologize.
Today, there is still time for late testimony, the chief elections officer bill is set for hearing at 2 pm today: HB376 (no space)

Wednesday for a 1-committee referral is my most important bill: HB380 (no space). this is to be heard Wenesday 2/4/15 at 2:45 pm room 325 in front of Consumer Protection committee

Thursday is a related but 3-committee referral bill which expands the Hurricane Fund to include lava flows: HB737 (no space). This is to be heard Thursday 2/5/15 at 8:30 a.m. BUT written testimony will not be accepted until Tuesday 2/3/15 when the hearing is announced (I was just given a heads up that is coming so be prepared)

Please submit written testimony ASAP. The last bill cannot accept written testimony yet because its not 48 hours before the hearing – The website ; any written testimony submitted later than 24 hours before the hearing is deemed late. These are important bills for Puna. My mandatory insurance renewal bill may not be heard at all; thus, these bills have added importance because they may be the only insurance relief we may have.


Mahalo for your consideration…. I mua Puna!!!


Mark Hinshaw


Mainstreet Pahoa Association-President

Pahoa Regional Town Planning Committee-Chair

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