One Of The Best Car Rental Companies On The Big Island Of Hawaii

Big Island Auto Rentals is a reliable local business that serves its customers at better prices than bigger corporate car rental companies.

Most Affordable Rates in Comparison to Other Car Rental Companies

Big Island Auto Rentals is incomparable to other car rental companies. This is because it has the most affordable rates on the island.

Not only that, but the company offers a Low-Cost Guarantee. So, if you ever find another more affordable rate from other car rental companies — Big Island Auto Rentals will match the lower price. Plus, they will place an additional discount on top of the already low cost.

Extremely affordable rates plus an out-of-this-world Low-Cost Guarantee is nowhere to be found on the island among other car rental companies. You’ll get the best deal at Big Island Auto Rentals. The company provides great prices and excellent service too. 

Excellent Local Service Only with Small Local Business

Next, Big Island Auto Rentals serves locals and travelers the same. Both types of customers receive the same best and most affordable prices on the island. 

This car business is different from all the other car rental companies because of its local style as well. All of the company’s vehicles are well-maintained casual-looking cars. Local-styled vehicles are safer to park in the parking lots of The Big Island of Hawaii. The reason why? It’s because crime rates are sadly high on the island. If your vehicle looks more like a local one, it’s not as likely to get broken into. 

On a more positive note, Big Island Auto Rentals offers a special service where you can add additional items to your car rental package. 

Cool Additional Add-On Items with Your Rental Car

A unique aspect of Big Island Auto Rentals in comparison to other rental car companies is that it offers awesome additional add-ons. You can request things such as snorkel gear and golf clubs alongside your rental car for very reasonable prices. Here’s a complete list of the company’s offerings. 

  • Baby or child seat
  • Snorkel gear rental
  • Bodyboard rental
  • Golf Clubs
  • Room rental in Pahoa 
  • Camping gear rental
  • Tour or Guide for one day

This additional service will save you time because you’ll have what you need — a car and gear — all in one go. Rather than stand in line, pick up a rental car, then go to another spot to get snorkel gear after a long trip getting to the island — make a reservation with Big Island Auto Rentals instead. You can have your rental car with all your fun adventure gear in it ready for you right when you arrive at an airport on The Big Island of Hawaii.

Simply fill out this Car Reservation Form and check off everything that you need.

Book Online and Reserve Your Car Rental Today

Finally, planning a trip to The Big Island of Hawaii can be a challenge within itself. But rest assured, the work it takes to plan the trip will be worth it.

To make the process easier, Big Island Auto Rentals has provided a packing list to make your preparations for the trip simpler. Check out the blog post, “Packing for Hawaii With One of Your Favorite Rental Car Agencies” for a smooth trip packing experience.

Enjoy your travel on the island with Big Island Auto Rentals. Mahalo. 

Contact Big Island Auto Rentals Today




Office (Appointment Only)

159 Kekuanaoa Street

Hilo, Hawaii 96720



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