Why You Need a Local Car Rental From Big Island Auto Rentals

There are lots of places to go when you’re traveling from Pahoa on The Big Island. Big Island Auto Rentals is an affordable local car hire that will get you where you want to go.

Transportation on The Big Island of Hawaii in Pahoa

To start, local car rentals on The Big Island of Hawaii are in high demand. If you want to save money and time getting from point A to point B during your stay on the island — reserve a rental car soon after deciding to visit Hawaii. 

Having a car will allow you to save more than half the time spent on public transportation or hitchhiking. A local car rental will also save you a tremendous amount of money from rideshares like Uber, Lyft, and Holoholo; private rides like taxis and limousines; as well as corporate car rentals with hefty car rental rates. 

Map of The Big Island of Hawaii

The Big Island of Hawaii is big. There are long stretches of highway between each town. There aren’t safe sidewalks to walk on from town-to-town either. Some people hitchhike to get to their destination. However, this option is very time-consuming, not reliable, and potentially dangerous.

Another option to travel from Pahoa is using the local bus transportation system. Hawaii’s public transportation system is Hele-On County of Hawai’i Bus. Yet, if you want to explore the other sides of the island, then you’ll lose out on hours of potential adventure when you take the bus. Using the local bus will more than double your transportation time. It would take about five hours to get from Pahoa to Kona. And that doesn’t count getting back to Pahoa.

Next, ride shares, private rides, and corporate car rentals will get you to where you want to go in good timing, but they are very expensive. Getting to Kona from Pahoa is around $300 not including a tip for Lyft and $400 not including a tip for taxi. Finally, limousines are costly as well. Their rate is between $75-125/hour. So, getting from Pahoa to Kona and back will be around $300 to $480.

All prices are way more expensive than simply renting a local car rental from Big Island Auto Rentals for an entire week. Big Island Auto Rentals is the most affordable local car rental on the island. You’ll get a good car at a great price. 

Local Car Rental From Big Island Auto Rentals

All in all, the best way to travel from Pahoa is with a local car rental from Big Island Auto Rentals. The company provides the most affordable prices compared to all car rental agencies on the island because of its Low-Cost Guarantee. If you find a quote for a lower price — Big Island Auto Rentals will match it and offer a discount. 

It will take you two hours to get from Pahoa to Kona, so four hours total round trip, using a local car rental from Big Island Auto Rentals. This option will protect your precious travel time and provide personal freedom to stop along the way.

As stated at the beginning of this post, car rentals are in high demand. It’s best to reserve your car rental sometime before arriving on the island to get the best prices and selections.

Book Online to Reserve Your Car Rental Now

In the end, a local car rental is the best way to go for your transportation needs when staying in Pahoa. You will save a tremendous amount of money and time renting a vehicle that you can use at your leisure. If you plan to come to the island, reserve your rental car as soon as possible. Enjoy your adventures on the island. Aloha.

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