100 Things To Do in Pahoa



  1. Lava/Fishing Boat Tour ,
  2. Lava Tree State Park
  3. Kilauea Volcano
  4. Pahoa Town
  5. Mackenzie State Park
  6. Isaacs Hale Park
  7. Champagne Ponds
  8. Steam Vents
  9. Painted Church
  10. Pahoa Museum
  11. Puna Geothermal   Take a tour of a work geothermal plant
  12. The Lighthouse   Our very own Vortex/ Powerpoint
  13. Akebono Theater  The oldest Theater in All of Hawaii (burnt down 2017)
  14. Panaewa Zoo A Free Tropical zoo and Palm arboretum
  15. Panaewa Rainforest palm collection over 200 Species of Palms!(at the zoo 2 in 1)
  16. Visit Ancient Heiaus One of the first settlements in all of Hawaii
  17. Find the Old Sugar Cane Train Turn around


Beaches here are small and sparse some are rocky and some true black sand beaches

  1. Pohoiki Boat ramp and famous surf breaks
  2. Vacation Land (Wai opai) Best snorkeling in Hawaii
  3. Kahena (Clothing Optional) black sand
  4. Black sands(next to uncle roberts)
  5. Shipman Beach 2 mile hike in
  6. Green sands / turtle beach
  7. Kapoho or champagne ponds
  8. Gilligan’s Island (malama ki forest reserve)

Water Activities:

  1. Snorkeling
  2. Kayaking
  3. Kayak fishing
  4. Spear diving
  5. Diving
  6. Fishing
  7. Netting (Fishing With A Net)
  9. SUP stand up paddleboard
  10. Scuba


  1. Surfing
  2. Body boarding
  3. Jet skiing
  4. Skating (our own Skate Park)
  5. Frisbee Golf
  6. Paintball (Trees around are very good to hide in/Around)
  7. Boar Hunting (Don’t Do unless You have an Experienced Hunter)
  8. Hiking
  9. Biking
  • a.        Kilauea visitor center to Waldron ledge
  • b.        Kilauea visitor center to jagger mountain
  • c.        Mauna Loa corral
  • d.        Mauna Loa spur road
  • e.        Mauna Loa six tanks road
  • f.        Mauna Loa power line road
  • g.        Escape road to Mauna ulu (12.5 mi)
  • h.       Overlook hilina pali (18 miles)
  • i.         Circle the rim (11mi)
  • j.         Ride ainahou ranch road (8.2mi)
  • k.        Summit to see (36 mi GREAT VIEWING I Recommend this It may be 36 miles but its downhill! You might want someone waiting @ the bottom)
  • l.         Ascend Mauna Loa Volcano (11.5mi) www.nps.gov/hav


  1. Camping
  2. Farmers Markets (truly unique experience)
  3. Kehena Beach Drum Circle Sun 12 on
  4. http://hawaiianadventuretour.com/
  5. http://hawaiianspiritualtour.com/
  6. Yoga Class or Yoga Instructor class
  7. Massage
  8. Spa
  9. Hawaiian Sweat Lodge
  10. Emerge yourself become an artist like everyone else here
  11. Have a spiritual awakening and change your name 😉


  1.  Kaleos
  2.  Luquins Mexican (temp closed)
  3. Boogie Woogi Pizza
  4. Ning’s Thai Cuisine
  5. Paolos Bistro
  6. Black Rock Cafe
  7. Tin shack bakery
  8. Sirius coffee
  9. New York style pizza 
  10. Pahoa Fresh Fish
  11. Mighty Sushi
  12. Subway 
  13. L and L Hawaii bbq



Artist’s Collective

Retreats/ Communities

  1. Kalani
  2. La’akea
  3. Hawaiian Sanctuary
  4. Gaia Yoga
  5. Josana’s Organics
  6. Kumu Aina
  7. Garden Temple
  8. CinderLand
  9. Pohoiki Hostel
  10. Polestar

See the :

Calender Of Events for even more things to do!!!!!

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