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  1. Am moving to Pahoa in 3 years.
    Need info on the following:
    Water – county or catchement
    How to operate catchement
    How to operate Garbage Disposal or is there county pick up?

    How to care for septic or cesspool systems.

    Where can I go to find out this needed info.
    Thank you,

    • Sewer: No sewer in Pahoa everthing draind to fast due to the new porous lava
      Water: parts are on county parts on catchment…Im on catchment and i prefer it that way
      I supply my own water and treat it the way i like
      New homes require septic systems and rarely if ever require pumping , again due to the porous lava
      trash pick up is provide by http://www.ryansrubbishservice.com
      but composting and recycling are strongly advised because we love our island.
      Comment further and i will add more links and more specific info for you
      Pahoa is a great place to live

  2. I am moving to Pahoa Sept 1st 2010. I would like to know where to find an inexpensive but nice place to live, an apartment to start with , I would like to live in Pahoa the rest of my life and have wanted to come for a long time now it is possible and I am very very happy about Pahoa,the cultures and life on the Big Island.
    I really need a person to tell me about storage(short term), and areas too look for a place to call home.
    Thanks for reading. Mollie

    • Feel free to call i have a few places available and that i could refer as well
      808 936 6347

    • Aloha Mollie,

      I have a house in Kalapana that needs some TLC. I am looking for someone responsible to take care of my house rent free if you are willing to do some upkeep and general maintenance. I am looking for someone long term as I plan on staying on Maui for at least the next 5-10 years.

      I am going to be on Big Island 8/23 -8/26 if you are interested.

      • I am buying some property in Eden Roc. and plan to build. I saw your post about needing a responsible person to take care of your place. If you want you can contact me and I will give you my phone number in case you need a list of potential caretakers. I will not be moving until about Dec. of 2011. But just in case you need someone at that time I would be interested. I have done some contracting/construction work, and I noticed you said the house needs TLC, so this could work for both of us.

      • what i need is to rent some rooms or a house out in leilani estates…i could do a partial work trade for a bit mik3hal3@gmail.com

  3. I havent received any erply, heres hoping I do.
    Thanks for reading. molie

  4. How do I go about advertisting my band,
    THE CONCORDS, BIG ISLAND ELVIS, on the PahoaOnline site?
    We’re local and loyal, but no ones knows…..

  5. Aloha, me and my family live and operate businesses in Pahoa and would love to know how to advertise with you here on this blog. You can check out our work on the links below:



  6. Aloha, I would like to offer donation based community acupuncture treatments and need a space. For now, I would like to do this once a month. Not much is needed, just a space were people can be comfortable. Even the floor works great, just bring a yoga mat. A large enough room where several people can be treated at the same time. 1 day a month for a couple of hours.
    Michelle (808)927-0367

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