Business Services

Aloha Business Consulting 

Innovative Techniques.  Guaranteed Results.

To help you grow and manage your business.

  • We offer a full range of consulting services specifically tailored for the self-employed all the way to one million annual sales and on.
  • We will help define your business, your vision and your goals by developing and improving your dynamic business plan.
  • We will help your business grow & profit with an effective a strategic marketing plan.
  • We will connect you worldwide utilizing modern internet marketing and networking.
  • We will help you to increase your income while minimizing your overhead.
  • We will analyze, test, and streamline your current technology, or help you choose the RIGHT applications.

Pahoa Feed & Fertilizer

“Family Owned & Operated for Over 10 Years”

  • Full Service 
  • Farm
  • Garden
  • Livestock & Pet
  • Supply Center
  • Advanced Fertilizers & Purifiers for Hawaii  
  • Specific Soil Enrichment & Water Treatment
  • Farm    Garden     Home    Pet
  • Greenhouses & Live Floral & Exotics
  • Implements & Yard Tools
  • Knives  Gloves Gardening Accessories

We Have It All!

Advanced Animal Nutrients & Foods 

  • PET TOYS  

Pahoa Feed & Fertilizer also Specializes in 

  • Selection, Installation, and Services.

On Pahoa Village Road

Right off the Highway130 @ The Junction


Paradise Business Center

Running a small Business?

Need to check in with the home office?

One-Stop Complete Business & Modern Digital Services are all available at…

Hi-Resolution  & Color Printing

Fax         Copy  Format

Digital Photo  Services

Internet Workstations

Computer Supply

Home  &  Office  Supply

Mobile Phones  & Service

Shipping & Private Mailboxes

Cars van and 4x4s

Nancy Kramer CPA

Ivan Van Leer ESQ

Pahoa Realty

Only in Pahoa, Puna, Hawaii.  96778


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  1. dear mike please change phone number or remove ad you have the right number 808-989-3126 dennis

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