15% off at Mighty Sushi 2 year anniversary

Mighty sushi is celebrating a 2 year anniversary here in pahoa.
They are offering 15 percent off your entire purchase. This offer is valid from Oct 18 thru Nov 18.  Have you tried this place yet? They’re really good!


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Pahoa Stores and Resturants Video

Playlist of Pahoa stores and resturants:





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Bitter sweet like the honey mustard sauce


Today A new corporation has opened in Pahoa we like the jobs. we love to hate the fast food. and we hate to love corporations. and we hate money diverted from small business.

Smiling face of Pahoa fast food


Today bk opened in pahoa
Simultaneously longs parking lot seems to be dead so I guess t.he festivities have moved over to the new fast food place.
You’d think he’d be happier Livin in Pahoa and hes got a job of course dealing with punatics all day long will really get to ya.

Restaurants Of Pahoa Videos


Pahoa Fish and Chips

Malama Market

Mighty Sushi