Pahoa Mainstreet and Holiday Parade Meeting October 28th


Just thought I’d take this opportunity to let you all know that PCMC has committed to open a clinical "annex" at what was The Neighborhood Place of Puna. This site would be south of the projected lava flow and intended to make access to care easier for those who live on that side.

It is unclear exactly what we would be able to deliver care at that site, but preparations to occupy the space will begin today.

We will need a small refridgerator some small desks/ tables/ chairs. If you have stuff that you think might be useful, please let us know.

Thanks and good luck to us all.



Dan Domizio PA, MPH

Clinical Programs Director

Puna Community Medical Center

15-2662 Pahoa Village Rd.

Suite 306, PMB 8741

Pahoa, HI 96778


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Subject: Pahoa Mainstreet and Holiday Parade Meeting October 28th

Aloha kakou,

The October meeting for Mainstreet Pahoa Association will be this coming Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. at Luquins .

Main topic of discussion will be the Holiday Parade scheduled for December 6th This just might be our last Parade thru Historic Pahoa Town. Mayor Kenoi will be our Grand Marshall.

Other topics include: Website, domain names and trade marks, merging Pahoa Booster Club with Mainstreet Pahoa and allowing other NPO’s to share our Post Office Box.

We hope to see you there! Remember this is a breakfast meeting, come hungry and support our host, Luquins.


Mark Hinshaw


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