Community meeting


I would like to invite you to a community meeting to speak with me about the work I have been doing in my capacity as a council member to advocate on behalf of constituents since my recent decision to refrain from legislating until the County Council’s attorney assures me that I am not incurring criminal liability for war crimes.

Date: Monday, October 15th

Time: 6pm

Place: Keaʻau Community Center

The meeting stems from an announcement that I made on August 21st stating that I had come to understand that I may be in violation of my oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

During my last town hall I made a presentation explaining the legal framework I am complying with and the work I have been doing to fulfill my duties as a council member. I had announced that I would be holding frequent town halls to keep everyone updated on how I am advocating for the rights of protected persons and my district, and putting every agent of the United States on notice concerning the rights of protected persons. I handed out copies of the letter I sent to Queen’s Hospital and 32 Hawaii circuit court judges concerning foreclosures.

I welcome you to bring your questions as there will be time reserved to ask questions and comment on this complex topic with profound implications.

While many understand the importance of what I am doing and why, there are almost just as many who do not understand why I do not just simply resign if I cannot legislate. This is a very reasonable position, and before looking into the law, I would agree with them. Plus, in all honestly, resigning would certainly be a lot easier for me personally. Based on my Oath, however, resigning would not be the legally appropriate action for me to take. Here’s how:

I swore to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution; Article 6, is where my oath comes from. Article 6 is also the supremacy clause which says treaties are the supreme law of the land of which I, as a legislator, am bound to uphold. The Hague and Geneva Conventions are treaties the U.S. ratified. Even Title 18 of U.S. Code defines “war crime” as any breach to U.S. ratified international treaties and makes specific mention to Geneva.

Please also see for yourself that Corporation Counsel did not assure me, (consistent with the legal definition of “assure”), that I will not be incurring criminal liability for legislating. He also did not dispute Hawaii’s illegal occupation, or the commission of war crimes against protected persons. Because of this I have now been put in the position as a whistleblower. There are legal guidelines that I must follow now as an agent of the U.S. and the treaties I am bound to; I display these in the presentation. According the Geneva convention I must go through the greatest pains ensure respect for the convention in all circumstances and advocate for the rights of protected persons, which I am doing every day. Resigning would disregard my duty to ensure respect for the Geneva Convention and would my duty to advocate for protected persons as an agent of the U.S. Resigning would not be in alignment with supporting and defending the U.S. Constitution.

If you were not able to attend my last town hall here is the video of my presentation. The presentation is about 40 minutes. I encourage you to watch it if you didn’t get a chance. I also welcome you to send me any questions you might have.

I am continuing to work in my office, continuing to take phone calls, emails, and meetings, and continuing to serve as a liaison between my constituents and the various government departments to find solutions to our complaints. I am advocating for the rights of my constituents as protected persons, which include Americans, while putting every agent of the U.S. concerning the rights of protected persons on notice. I will be holding frequent town halls and publishing press releases to keep everyone informed on what I am working on. Every action I am taking is diligently in compliance with the laws that dictate my responsibility as a council member.

Here is a link to the U.N. Human Rights Office of High Commissioner’s memorandum. It is one and a half pages. The United States sat on this council when Dr. deZayas was elected, the U.S. did not dispute his appointment, probably because he’s actually an American and a Harvard graduate. He uses the terms “plundering,” “enabling,” and “colluding.” This was sent to Hawaii State Judges in February of this year. I do not take it lightly, resigning and/or continuing to legislate U.S. law and sticking my head in the sand, I believe, is not what I was elected for.

Thank you for taking the time to try and understand this complex issue, and again, if you have any questions, I welcome you to email me back, or call my office at 808-961-8263.



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